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SAPTAMI - Where Culture is Nurtured!

  • What is SAPTAMISAPTAMI's goal is to promote Art and Culture through Contests among children, youth, and adults.
  • SAPTAMI an Acronym!


  • S electing

    A ssisting and

    P romoting

    T alented

    A rtists (who are)

    M usically

    I nclined

  • SAPTAMI Celebrations

    Each year during Fall season, SAPTAMI will conduct, annual contests in several categories and select best performers. They are the SAPTAMI Stars of that year. SAPTAMI Stars will be given opportunity by SAPTAMI to undergo intensive training in their field, by expert artists before our following year's event.

    SAPTAMI Stars of each year will perform a full length program on the annual day of SAPTAMI the following year, before the guest artists' performance is held. This will be to showcase their talents and encourage them to take themselves to the next level.

    SAPTAMI foundation is committed to creating great interest and enthusiasm in Art and Culture among our children, youths, and adults.

    SAPTAMI Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under 501(c) classification.



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